RNA metabolism

Research on RNA metabolism including maturation of mRNA and miRNA as well as involvment of different proteins in these processes.

Molecular energy conversion

We are interested in mitochondral transport system and processes of converting its energy and physiological roles of these systems and evolution.

Molecular genetics in human

We use knowledge from molecular biology of preventitve treatment, diagnosis and teraphy of Wykorzystujemy wiedzę z zakresu biologii molekularnej w profilaktyce, diagnozie i terapii kidney cancer and atherosclerosis.

Functional genomics

We are interested in functional genomics including: expression of genomes and protein complexes involved in stress signalling in cell.


We focus on involvement of regulatory RNAs in defence mechanisms of bacterial cells. We are also interested in cellular processes related to adaptations of organisms to stress conditions.


Bioinformatics analyses of whole genomes as well as predicting structures of RNA and proteins.

8 March 2018 in News

Jobs offer in Laboratory of Biomolecular Interactions and Transport EN

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Oferta adiunkt – stażysta podoktorski na Wydziale Biologii

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Oferta pracy post-doc

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