About us

Our lab studies the role and mechanisms of epigenetic regulation in development, cancerogenesis and DNA replication. We are particularly interested how the three-dimensional organization of the genome within the nucleus affects cell-type specific gene activity and DNA replication. A typical mammalian genome consists of ~2-meter-long DNA that is contained in a nucleus with a diameter approx. 200 000 times smaller. Therefore, proper 3D genome folding is essential for the cell functioning. We study how distinct configurations of 3D nuclear architecture and chromatin folding regulate expression of distinct genes. We are further interested how they implement developmental genetic programmes by re-wiring of promoter-enhancer networks.

Developmental Epigenetics Lab conducts inter-disciplinary research using a broad range of methods: classical molecular biology, cell engineering and animal models, combined with bioinformatics and advanced microscopy. We benefit from generous support of the NAWA and NCN funding agencies.

HIRING: Postdoc and lab manager/research assistant positions available – Informal enquiries are welcome!

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